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D34 - Dome Tent
D34 - Dome Tent

Dome tent for 3 to 4 persons.
SIZE: 7' x 7'-4" (215 x 220 cm)

Price: Rs. 19,000 Fiber Glass Poles Available
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D34 Dome Tents: -

Double Fly 3 Season. Half Dome Tent.   
Size:   7'x7'-3"x4' (210x220x125 cm)  
Weight: ~4.0 to 4.5 Kg.  
1. Fly: - Fly Extended near to Ground for cold weather.   
Cloth Nylon PU Coat.  
Ventilators  2 for Ventilation & Minimizing Condensation.  
Door 1 Split. Zipped/strom flaps with Velcro. Extended for small item storage.  
Strings/Dori with runners to secure tent in wind/rain and to avoid condesation water entering the Inner Tent.
2. Inner: -    
Cloth  Breathable & wind proof Nylon/Polyester  with mosquito netting at door.  
Door  1 Split. Cloth and mosquito net each. Gives easy access to all users,   
Ground Sheet  Nylon cloth PU coated. Cloth & coating stronger/ heavier than fly.  
Pockets 3 for personal items & 1 for Tents Bags storage.  
 Roof Strings  At Roof to hang light of personal items.  
3.Zipper/Sliders 10# Heavy duty to perform till the life of tent.  
4. Pegs/Pins  4 +4 To secure the tent in all type of weather.  
5. Poles Option of Almunium Alloy & Fiber Glass Available according to user’s choice.       
6. Packing Bags 3 Bags 1 each for Tent, Poles & Pins.  
7.Packed Size 8"x 27" (20x70cm)  





Insulated Jacket /M (Higher)

2 color reversable/detachable sleeves.

For Cold  (0 to -15 C).

Bright  Color on one side for visibility in Outdoors.Dark/Dull Color on one side for longer use.

Pockets = 6. Foldable Cap.

Wind proof Cloth.Polyester Filling. Wt. 1.1 Kg.

Price: 4,200   
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Parka Jacket Medium

In Breathable Waterproof Cloth. (Gortex)
WEIGHT: 0-550 KG.

Price: 2,900   
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Swiss Gear Bag

Front loading ruck sack for small Trips.
SIZE: 40 Liters 
WEIGHT: 0.500 KG.

Price: 1,800   
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Sleeping Bag Down

SIZE: Up to 6'-1" 
WEIGHT: 1-500 KG.
Temperature: -15 to -28

Out of Stock
Price: 7,000   
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Rescue Rope

Floating Rope 8mm-9mm In Throw Bag.
Size:- 16Meter (50 Feet) Other sizes on bulk demand.

Price: 1,500   
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Rain Pant

W/P Cloth with Show Pockets & Elasticated Bottom.
Best for Skiers, Climbers, Trekkers etc.
Size: S,M,L.

Price: 1,200 & 1,500   
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